Let's Make a Difference!

We wanted to see how big a difference we can make together and give you something for being a part of it…

We Belong to Each Other!


All Initial Services In Exchange For A Minimum Donation of $50*

Our daughter Jade came home on break and was sharing that her friends at college from Puerto Rico are worried because they can’t get in touch with their family after hurricane Maria hit.  With all the natural disasters recently the world needs a little extra love!


Humanity Goodness Month… Let’s Make a Difference!

Sept. 26- October 26th 2017

Initial Services Include:

  • Consultation

  • Examination

  • Nerve System Scan

  • X-Rays if necessary

  • Report of Findings


You may donate and give to a family member or friend.  All we need to see is a copy of the donation receipts/email/etc so that we know you helped make a difference! * Excludes Medicare Patients

The Salvation Army is an army ready to serve on multiple fronts. That’s why we’re still serving disaster survivors of hurricanes Harvey and Irma in Texas, Florida and Georgia and why we are also preparing for the impacts of Hurricane Maria. Whether its food, drinks, shelter or cleaning supplies, The Salvation Army is ready to provide practical assistance. Donate Now

Chiropractic and Headaches

Headaches are common, but they’re not normal.

Children's Health

Children are some of the biggest beneficiaries of chiropractic care. Surprised?

Ear Infections

Ear pain is the number one reason for child visits to chiropractors.

Nerve System Scan

A computerized, non-invasive & painless test consisting of thermal and surface electromyology (SEMG).

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We Belong To Each Other!