Finding Happiness with a Smile…


I am excited to share this post that Jade wrote… I told her anytime you want to share who you are and what you learned send it my way…


First off, let me start out by saying, this is what I know to be true. These are my experiences and my lessons, and this is how it has affected my life.

Alrighty lets get started then shall we? A little background information, I am 21, in school to be a chiropractor (which in case you didn’t know, is very, very difficult). I constantly am working on myself to be better and ultimately happier.

I did Oprah and Deepak’s 21 day meditation for grace and gratitude sporadically and noticed I got a little happier, thought to myself “Alright we’re on the right track here.” I started to incorporate gratitude into my life more and more, being in a state of gratitude is the highest vibration one can be at.

I look at gratitude as a domino effect; the more I would say what I was grateful for the more and more I found I had to be grateful for, the happier I got. When I drive to school I say everything I am grateful for out loud, but not in your normal “Oh I’m grateful for this and that” No I would go through my morning routine and say “I got to wake up this morning, I got to eat an amazing breakfast, I got to get in my car and drive to school” saying it this way for me is much more powerful, to the point where I feel gratitude building inside me. That is the right way to start the day.

il_570xN.456639702_4vvpStarting my day off with an awesome gratitude session has a huge impact but I could feel as the day went on, life happens and little things would put me in a little bit more of a bad mood. So I decided one day to just smile. Smile when I walk to class, smile when I drive, smile where ever I go just smile. Now I don’t mean a cheesy smile plastered across your face, I mean a genuine authentic smile; it doesn’t have to be huge. Smile like you just remembered the person you love most in this world is at home waiting for you.

You would never believe what happened when I smiled a little more… I got happier! All of my friends and family said I looked more beautiful and happy. Imagine that, we walk around all day thinking about where we need to go next or how someone just looked at us weird, filling these precious moments with things that are not bettering us.

As I started smiling more and more, not only did I become happier, my views of the world started to change. In the mornings as I would walk to class I would see the beauty in the world around me…Which in turn would cause me to smile more and feel even more grateful (see back to the domino effect!). I had no room left in me to feel anything but gratitude, this truly is an amazing feeling. Now don’t get this confused with me being happy all the time, because that is absolutely not the case. It is human to have bad days, great days and all the ones in between. I’m not perfect, some days I think to myself “Jade maybe you should smile” and I think right back, “Okay no you can shut up now because I’m not in the mood to smile”

So let me leave you with this. Smile. Smile to see how amazing life is, and feel all the gratitude you can possibly feel, that way there is no room for anything but happiness. Let the world see how beautiful you are!

Let love and gratitude take over,

Jade xoxox


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