Not Letting It In…

I heard a story that author Marisa Peer told talking about rejection and not letting something in.  When I heard the story I told my son and daughter because I thought WOW.

My son had experienced another person saying something not nice.  It hurts when that happens.  As his mom all I want to do is protect him and not allow anything to hurt him. I know that’s not possible.  Some of the things I shared with him were…

“The world has got to you and has made you feel less than the miraculous magnificent young man you are. When I heard the pain and hurt you felt inside, my heart was sad all I wanted to do was take it away. The world has a funny way of making us feel small and less than who we are.  Hurt people will hurt people and you experienced that.   Sometimes when someone is not happy with themselves they lash out on another person to hurt them attempting to make themselves feel better or sometimes they do it when they feel jealous of another person.”

After hearing the story I’m about to share, it would had been a perfect metaphor to share at that time for not letting something in.

Here is the story : A journalist went to interview a holy man already deciding he hated spiritual people. He met him and of course, the holy man was beaming and smiling as they do and the journalist said, ‘I can’t stand tree huggers like you. This is all pseudo, it’s all fake, you’re not really spiritual, I don’t like you’.

And the holy man beamed and smiled even more, so he cranked up the rejection and continued to tell him why he hated him. And the holy man continued to be smiling. And finally he said, ‘Why are you beaming and smiling when I tell you that I don’t like you?’

And he went, ‘Well, you see if you give me a gift but I don’t take the gift, who has the gift?’

And the journalist went, ‘Me!’

And he went, ‘Exactly. I’m not taking that and if I don’t take it it’s left with you. It’s rather like being served legal papers. If you don’t take them, you are not served’.

I told my son that story and it was like his mind was blown.  I know it will be a practice to not let it in.  Awareness can allow us to not let it in… not take the gift.  It’s a big concept to wrap the mind around nobody can reject you ever unless you let them.

There is some value in constructive criticism. If you feel someone’s input can help make you better at what you do and it doesn’t tear you down, then it’s okay to let it in.

Really take in: If someone is trying to give you a gift but you don’t take the gift, who has the gift?’

When you finish reading this post and go about your day, I want you to remember this… When you walk into a room, know that YOU are special, know you mean something to this world, your feelings matter, your story matters and I believe in YOU!

Big Hugs!
Rene ♥


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