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This weeks blog post is by my daughter Jade…


This week I had 8 finals in 4 days. I got sick and got my period. For lack of a better term I was captain of the struggle bus this week. I slept 3-4 hours a night. I was sick so mainly consumed only toast. My body was not in prime condition to thrive. I somehow managed to pass all my classes and make it out with some decent grades. This week was filled with many ups and downs, From almost failing a class to completely forgetting I had an exams and almost missing it.

Amongst all the chaos the one thought that always seemed to occupy the back of my mind is how absolutely amazing it was that my body was carrying me through this week successfully.

As a society we have the tendency to get caught up in the vanity of this life, it will consume us to the point where all we see when we look in the mirror are the flaws that we aren’t “suppose” to have.

I had a cool experience this week I felt I wanted to share. I call it body talk. We all have it. But how often is love in our body talk?

Here’s mine…

This is for all the times I didn’t stand in complete awe of all of what you are. For the  moment I got caught up in the vanity of things and lost sight of your greatness.

This week you carried me through hell and back. You made me stand tall and fight. You carried me when I was too tired to keep going.

I lay on the couch with my knees tucked to my chest and arms squeezing myself tightly. Tears coming down my face from the amount stress I’ve been put under this week. In this moment I feel you, we are no longer separate entities. I realize I am you and you are me. I feel you in my chest, your rhythm.  I hear you beating loudly grabbing my attention. Each beat brings me closer and closer to you. I am fully grounded in this moment by pure gratitude. It is in this moment I become aware of the shear perfect that is you. I begin a new cycle of thoughts in my mind. Unfamiliar thoughts. I am begin loving…  Loving my body. I begin realizing how many things you are doing for me in this very second to keep me alive. How many things have to go right for me to lay on this couch and cry. How much has to work perfectly for me to even exist in this moment.

The magnitude of this thought settles deeply in me. I begin feeling gratitude for every part of me. I squeeze tighter. The love continues, before I know it I’m drifting off into a light sleep all while continuing these affirmations to myself of how much love and gratitude I feel.

These moments are some of the purest moments I’ve experienced in this life. There was no thought of how my stomach might’ve looked at that angle or if I had a double chin. No, it was just my body existing in pure gratitude. This love body talk continued for several minutes until my alarm brings me back and I must get back to work. This thought crosses my mind and brings even more tears to my eyes. May I always hear and  feel the beat in my chest moving me forward. And until the very last beat you give me on this planet, may you always know the total and absolute conditional love I have for you. I will love you fiercely until the ends of this plant.

Thank you, my love.

This body we have will not last forever. I guarantee in our final moments on this beautiful planet we will not be thinking about the moments that we compared ourselves, or how we looked on an instagram post. We will be grasping each final beat of our heart with everything we have, wanting to fill each second with nothing but pure love.

Take a few minutes and give your body some love talk. It deserves it.

Jade ♥

I read this and was WOW!  To hear my daughter share this is powerful!  I am so proud of the woman she is and how she continues to inspire me. #grateful #lovetalk

When you finish reading this post and go about your day, I want you to remember this… When you walk into a room, know that YOU are special, know you mean something to this world, your feelings matter, your story matters and I believe in YOU!

Big Hugs!
Rene ♥


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