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I decided to say Yes to myself and started coaching with Rene.

I think as a mother we innately put everyone else first. Everyone’s needs above ours. I also believed that my problems were my own. That I could fix it, that I had to handle it, that I could do it alone. With life coaching that changed, what I thought were MY issues was actually what everyone faces too. I thought that I was in it all alone and my experiences were just my own, but in actuality everyone shared the same issues, the same problems, the same day to day struggles and difficulties. It made what felt like a mountain turn into something that I could conquer. I felt solidarity in our coaching.

Life coaching gave me back my voice. I got lost in my roles of caregiver/mother,  etc. I now  give myself permission to be myself and be heard. I felt renewed as a person. I realized I couldn’t take care of everyone else if I didn’t take care of myself. Rene’s coaching has not only helped me but has affected all aspects of my life. I have better relationships with the people around me. I’m able to communicate and voice my emotions. It’s allowed me to be more open and empathetic towards other people.

Lala Newsome

Are you questioning should you participate in this Life Coaching? Well, I wondered that myself should I or shouldn’t I. I decided I am worth it. Since my husband’s passing in 2008, I didn’t know who I was. Married for 33 years I was a wife, a mother and the duties of an Air Force wife that was expected of me. I was alone and life was just a routine same thing every day.

I felt lost and didn’t know who I was.

With life coaching I rediscovered and found me. Yes Me!  I am worthy and I am smart.  I am a strong woman and my faith carry’s me. I have many great qualities about me that I didn’t know I had. Rene, has the ability, to see or hear things differently and has the eye or ear when we would talk and brings a different perspective that brought light to me.

My life now is different. I take that hour of time to be with me.  I have learned that, me time is as important as work or family.  I am spontaneous now. I don’t feel like a third wheel when out with friends. I don’t have, that self-doubt I had before, not that it doesn’t creep up, but I now know how to stick that self- doubt in the back seat. I can do more with a positive look and have learned to give myself credit. That makes me happy to know that I am stronger and blessed; to know I can and do make the changes in my life.  This is the best gift I gave myself. Rene have a been a God send and I want to thank you from my heart and soul.

Thank You Rene… A true blessing in your calling!

Al Browning

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