How Do You Want To Feel?

Your Story Matters... Your Feelings Matter... You Matter!


Let’s start moving from have to, should, need to and shift into what do I want to feel!


Does this thought, action support how I want to feel?

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Saying YES to YOU!


This workshop will be limited to 10 woman. Included in the price is for you to bring a friend.   I find when we do life together and we have people in our lives that can support us, we succeed far more than doing it alone. This workshop will be interactive which make it fun to do with a friend.


What will you walk away with? Why take the time to go?

When January 1st comes around we are fired up about getting healthy and losing weight, finding joy or making more money.  I see it over and over again, by the time February hits we have lost the enthusiasm we had at the beginning of the year.  All throughout the year we are on the roller coaster of frustration of not achieving the goals desired.  I have found if you can move towards how you want to feel in your life, you can sustain and enjoy the journey longer.

No one wants to talk about what gets in the way of losing weight or finding joy.  You can find How-To’s tips everywhere. The problem is about what gets in the way of implementing what you know.  This workshop goes deeper to what is really creating the life you see right now. I will help you look at what gets in the way and why it hasn’t been lasting.

How Long Will You Wait to Honor All of Who You Are?  Those words stopped me in my tracks.  I ask you that same question.  How long will you live getting by?  How long will live right under the radar not really letting people see you?

No one is YOU and that is your power! Scientist have calculated the odds of you being born. They took into account all the wars, natural disasters, dinosaurs and everything else. And do you know the chances of you being born at that  moment in time with your DNA structure is 1 in 400 trillion.  400 trillion; that number blows my mind.  You know what that means?  You have something special, you have something great to give the world. It’s something that no one else can give.  How cool is that?


“Knowing how you actually want to feel is the most potent form of clarity that you can have. Generating those feelings is the most powerfully creative thing you can do with your life.” – Danielle Laporte


If you have felt any of these feelings before, then this workshop it for you:

  • Feeling the need to people please
  • Being a perfectionist
  • Having a lack of motivation or direction
  • Comparing your life to others (social media really accelerates this)
  • Never feeling ok with your physical appearance
  • Feeling like you have missed the mark with your parenting (why do I resort to yelling?)


It is my promise to you if you take the time for yourself:

  • You will have goals filled with what you want to feel
  • You will see how your thoughts are affecting your daily life, they are either supporting or sabotaging your goals and what you want to feel in your life
  • You will start to recognize that critical voice and how hurtful it can be. Becoming aware you are not that voice.
  • You will know you are not alone in what you feel in your life


Next Workshop Will Be in August 2017


Feelings Matter

Sometimes we need to learn how to feel again.  I sure did.  I remember my coach Jill asking me what I felt when I envisioned something and I was blank, I felt nothing.  I reflected after my call and realized I had turned off feeling. It was a protective mechanism, another layer to keep me safe or as Brene Brown says a layer of armor.   I mean crying in front of someone, I still work on that.  I’m aware of it which allows me to change it.  I had an experience one time where my heart was touched so deeply by a friends love and thoughtfulness, I tried to hold back the tears from the love I felt but I couldn’t.  That taught me a lot.  So needless to say, feeling matters.  That is why I love the thought of basing your goals on how you want to feel. That’s where it starts.

Workshop Info:

Date:  Aug 2017 – When we get closer specific date will be set

Time: Will Be Determined When Closer to Date

Cost: $75 includes 2 woman  #togetherisbetter

Where: Location to Be Determined

Space is limited to 10 woman. Why does price include a friend? I’ve learned if you do this with a friend, having someone witness and support us makes a huge difference in this journey of life.  Connection, Belonging are needs for all us.  #togetherisbetter


“You’re not chasing the goal itself – you’re chasing the feelings that you hope attaining those goals will give you.”  – Danielle Laporte

What Others Have To Say About the Workshop:

“The last exercise stuck with me the most. Made me realize how fear has been a huge block in my life and still is. Taking the first step is so hard for me. I realized that I usually wait for someone to take the first step for me and then I go. Self esteem needs to improve and believing in myself.”

“Very powerful and inspiring.”

“I am able to use so much of what we talked about and experienced in my own life and with my daughter too.”

“I wish we had more time to dive into the topics. The time went by so fast.”

“I realized that I allow my inner critic to take over and it’s super damaging.”

“I didn’t realize that past has a lot to do with now.”

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