If you have recently been in a car accident, it is important to act quickly. While you may feel perfectly fine right now, chances are you have some injuries and will start feeling the pain in a few days. The recommendation is make an appointment with your chiropractor or other medical professional to determine what type of injuries you may have sustained. They will use a series of tests to figure out what injuries you have and decide on the right treatment options. Injuries range from whiplash to back pain, and many symptoms of these can take weeks to manifest. That is why it is recommended you seek out someone right away to prevent from further issues down the road, and to address what you may be currently experiencing.


There are a wide range of injuries that can occur after a car accident. The types of injuries that occur often depend on the severity of the crash. But even a minor fender bender has the potential to cause injuries. Remember they might not show up right away, so you need to go to the doctor or emergency room to examined and to assess your condition. Some common injuries following a car accident including upper and lower back injuries, damage to your skeletal system, whiplash, fractures and neck or spine injuries.


There are many reasons you should see a chiropractor after you have been in a car accident: to reduce pain, improve mobility, restore proper joint function, restore proper central nervous system function, and prevent further damage to the injured tissues. The first reason is to reduce the pain you’re experiencing. You are not only reducing current pain, but reducing how much future pain you may experience, since some injuries take several hours or even days before you get to the extent of them. Shock after even a small collision is common, which is why it can sometimes take your body a little time to show signs of injury.

It also helps improve your mobility after you have been in a car accident. Aside from the soreness, you may have problem using your limbs and moving in the same way you once did. With regular chiropractic sessions, this problem can be remedied quickly. You begin feeling much better, more mobile and able to move and stretch. Additionally, chiropractic care helps you to prevent further damage. If you get an injury from the car accident and it is left untreated, this can lead to more complications down the road.


Because of the fact that some injuries don’t show themselves right away, it is very important you don’t wait before calling your chiropractor. Don’t wait until you feel pain or discomfort to call. Also keep in mind, the severity of the crash doesn’t necessarily define how bad your injuries are going to be. Even if your car doesn’t have a scratch on it, you can still have back or neck injuries.


After calling your chiropractor, they will first perform an evaluation. This includes asking you questions about your accident and any pain you are currently experience. Your chiropractor will want to know details about your accident, such at what happened, what side you were hit, and how fast you and the other driver were presumably going. During the examination your doctor may see the need for x-rays to determine if there is any underlying issues.

Treatment Options

When it comes to the treatment section of your visit, there are a few possibilities. This will depend on your history with chiropractic care, your injuries and their locations. Treatment possibilities include:

  • Mobilization – Low velocity manipulation to improve the movement in your joints and muscles.
  • Spinal Adjustment – A term used for re-aligning your spine and or restoring proper joint range of motion while improving nerve function.
  • Motion Palpitation – Identifying your joints to see how rigid they are and examining their motion capabilities.
  • Physical Therapy– In an auto accident it is very common to receive muscular injuries as well as skeletal, that is why many chiropractors and physical therapist co manage injury patients.

As you can see, there are many possibilities and benefits to getting chiropractic care after a car accident. It will help you reduce your pain, improve mobility and keep you from having more severe complications in the future.

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