Michelle Berleue

WOW a Complete 360 Turn Around…

I received Life Chiropractic’s newsletter and kept reading it for 2 weeks, then thought, “what do I have to lose”, so I finally decided to call and make an appointment. That was the best decision I ever made!

My body was totally stressed out. A year prior, I was admitted to a hospital due to adverse effects of anti-depressant that were prescribed to me. I knew the medication wasn’t right. I had been prescribed medication previously over the last 15 years. In 2009 I exhausted my body… I didn’t even see it coming. I wasn’t able to work anymore and had to quit the job I loved. Since coming to Life Chiropractic… WOW a complete 360 turn around. It is hard to describe in words the difference. I feel like I can handle life again. I wake up knowing I can face the day. Now I am slowly getting myself into working again. We have decided to make it a family affair, so now my husband and son see Dr. Bruce also. Thanks Guys!

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